Stone Flooring in Fort Worth

Serving Fort Worth and surrounding regions, Premier Flooring, Inc. provides elegant stone flooring in a range of tile and stone options.

With ever-changing stone and tile technology and trends continuously evolving, Premier Flooring, Inc. offers a wide range of tile and stone flooring options that include natural stone tile or ceramic tile that looks like stone for any room in the house or your commercial location.

Stone Tiling for Home or Business Needs

An established stone and tile company in Fort Worth, Premier Flooring, Inc. provides a wide array of natural tile flooring styles and professional installation at prices that suit your budget. Whether you require installation of elegant marble stone flooring or wish to learn more about tiling a floor for a DIY project, consult qualified stone flooring experts for top quality products and service.

Discover the Beauty of Natural Stone

Premier Flooring, Inc. supplies all tile and stone flooring needs for the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of a home or workplace you may not have considered. Our longstanding associations with the most reputable stone tile manufacturers allow us to provide clients with those latest trends customized by experienced staff and in-house floor design services.

From intricately design and patterned mosaic tile flooring to sleek marble floor tile, Premier Flooring, Inc. offers the natural beauty of stone flooring that is always in style.

Choose from a range of stone types that include:

Granite – Noted for its durable and slip-resistant surface, granite is popular choice for both residential and commercial bathrooms and kitchens.

Marble – Classic and sophisticated, porous marble stone comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes. Since marble is easily scratched, certain marble flooring types can be finished to provide a more durable and stain-resistant surface than others. Consult with a Premier Flooring, Inc. expert to choose marble stone flooring that can be customized to your specific requirements.

Limestone – Formed from silt deposits such as coral, for example, limestone offers a uniquely clay-like appearance with color and variations in finishes that can range from a subdued naturally worn look, to sleek and polished.

Stone Tiles – One of the most popular stone interior flooring options that dates back thousands of years, stone tile flooring can be cut to any shape or size and may vary in appearance depending on the original location from which it was mined. Proper installation of stone tiling is essential to ensure safety and the preservation of its natural beauty. Premier Flooring, Inc. provides professional stone and ceramic tile that includes detailed assessments of subflooring and moisture barrier protection.

Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Stone – Achieve the authentic look of natural stone for your Fort Worth home with durable stone-look flooring installed by Premier Flooring, Inc. flooring experts. Add sophistication and long-lasting durability with the latest “stone look” tiling available in a wide variety of styles and colors at a fraction of the cost of natural stone.

Contact Premier Flooring, Inc. to learn more about stone tiling and to schedule a free consultation.

Tile and Stone Benefits

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Green flooring product
  • Natural stone flooring and tiling does not retain dust or allergens
  • Natural stone ages well and maintains its beauty over a long period of time
  • Highly durable
  • Easy maintenance